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A Thousand Choices

The Many Blends of Carpet

Choices abound! An ever-increasing array of carpet types and blends are available today. Whether from traditional sources or exotic far away lands, picking the right type of carpet is easier with some solid background knowledge.

Plush carpet is soft, velvety and is the standard for most formal decorating schemes. What is better or more luxurious than the feeling of your toes sinking into a top-quality plush carpet?

Textured Plush is twisted on the surface to help hide the footprints and vacuum marks associated with a regular plush carpet. They often come in white and light color range with traces of other colors blended throughout. Style coupled with the ease of caring for these top-quality carpets make them the perfect choice for many types of décor.

High-Low, Sculptured or Carved all come in a wide variety of colors, and tend not to show soil as quickly as some solid color carpets. They are durable, versatile and beautiful in virtually any room.

Berber carpets are solid looped carpet. They are extremely durable and do not show foot prints and vacuum marks. Excellent in high-traffic areas of your home.

Shag carpet is back, and bold shag colors and patterns are making a comeback.

Still not sure? Take some samples home and see what works best for you. Our on-staff designer will even come home with you to help you choose the best carpet for your room and lifestyle.

So many choices



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