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Easy Tips For Easy Care

Vinyl Flooring Care Tips

1. Furniture and appliances may cause indentations in your vinyl floor unless proper rests, glides, or casters are used. The recommended protections are for seldom moved or heavy items use glass or hard plastic caps with a minimum of 1 ½ sq. in. load bearing surface and for frequently moved furniture use 2” diameter casters with soft, non – staining ¾ rubber treads and easy ball bearing swiveling action.

2. Dust and sweep frequently to prevent the abrasive action caused by dirt and grit that may mar and dull your floors brilliant shine.

3. To wash your floors use a sponge mop and a vinyl floor cleaner, do not flood the floor.

For more information on the care of your new or existing vinyl floors, stop by or call our knowledgeable staff.



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