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One of The Finest Investments In Flooring

Hardwood Floors

Along with their timeless beauty, warmth and durability, a hardwood floor is one of the healthiest and most ecologically sound decorating decisions that you will ever make.

You want your home to reflect who you are, and compliment the way that you live.

Choosing the elegance and permanence of hardwood floors is a decision that says, “This is my home.”

Hardwood floors will greatly improve the environment inside of your house because they don’t trap the dust or pollen which can cause allergy-related illnesses.

And they are easy to clean!

Many of today’s hardwood floors are manufactured from renewable resources. A bamboo floor from Teragren, for example, will add beauty and value to your home and help you to protect the world around you.

Choosing any type of hardwood floor is a natural decision that you can fell good about.

Solid wood floors last a lifetime and they add strength to your home and value to your property.

After a log is milled, the wood is then graded based on appearance. The better or more uniform the wood looks, the higher the “grade”.

At Foxwell, we offer every type of pre-finished or unfinished hardwood floor from the most expensive clear grade to the rustically beautiful and surprisingly inexpensive cabin grade…and every grade in between. We have samples of every grade and type of floor on hand, and are there to help you find the floor that fits your decorating scheme and your budget.

Refinishing Old Wood Floors

Is it time to refinish your old hardwood floors?Many homes in our area already have classically beautiful hardwood floors hidden beneath old carpet or vinyl, just waiting to be brought back to life. For about the price of a good quality carpet, and 1/3 the price of a new floor, Foxwell Floor Covering can sand, refinish and restore the hardwood floors already in your home back to their original beauty and beyond

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