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Durable Vinyl Flooring and Strong Laminated Surfaces

Resilient Flooring

Today’s resilient vinyl floors are very different from the old-fashioned floors you may remember. Modern vinyl can look like a hardwood or ceramic floor at just a fraction of the cost.

Foxwell Floor Covering offers sheet vinyl in authentic-looking styles like slate, limestone, sisal and linen that give your floor a whole new look; all with the durability and easy maintenance that vinyl provides.

And resilient vinyl is easy to change. A resilient vinyl floor may be perfect if you don't want to be locked into any one style for a long time.

Vinyl is durable, simple to clean, and water-resistant. No waxing, polishing or buffing…ever! And it is backed by a full warranty.

It is a perfect low-cost option for those busy, high-traffic areas. Vinly has a soft, comfortable feel when you walk on it, and can help dampen the noise level in a busy room.

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